Friday, March 6, 2009

Lie - Keegan Signed the Bad Players, Wise the Good Ones

Sebastian Bassong in today's Times.
“I came to Newcastle because my agent knew Kevin Keegan and my agent told him he had me and that I was a good player at Metz. Kevin had seen me play one or two times for France Under-21 and he asked my agent if I could come for a trial.”
This directly contradicts the claim made by Derek Llambias that Dennis Wise had done all the moving and shaking on the player who's turned out to be our best summer signing.
“He [Bassong] was Dennis’. Pick your top five players this season and you’ll see that they were Dennis’ players”
The common consensus has always been that Bassong and Guthrie were Keegan buys, everyone else being identified (and perhaps pushed through) by Wise. This had led to much confusion when Llambias claimed
“Xisco was Kevin, don’t believe everything you read in the press”
Bassong's clarification serves to cast doubt on Llambias' claim (as if it were needed).