Friday, October 9, 2009

Lie - Newcastle for Sale

26 May 2009 - Derek llambias
"We want him to be the manager 110%, he's very good at what he does and he's a straight-talking guy – we like that. He'd be the perfect appointment. Talks will start today and we are going to review the situation. We are trying to sort something and we'll give the public some information as soon as possible. Alan has put a lot of work into the job at Newcastle and we're talking to him now."

30 May 2009 - Mike Ashley:
"It has been catastrophic for everybody. I've lost my money and I've made terrible decisions. Now I want to sell it as soon as I can."

09 June 2009 - Club Statement:
"The board of Newcastle United can today confirm that the club is for sale at the price of £100million. Interested parties should contact Newcastle United (or Keith Harris at Seymour Pierce) for further details. The club will not be making any further comment at the present time."

10 June 2009 - Derek Llambias:
"There are three or four interested parties who we are talking to. They don't want to be known just yet. That is how we are trying to do business. That is the proper way to do it, not by talking through the media."

06 July 2009 - Derek Llambias:
"There have been more than two bids at £100m"

30 July 2009 - Derek Llambias:
"I can say we are very close to completing a deal and it could happen next

06 August 2009 (When Barry Moat was revealed as a potential buyer)- Derek Llambias:
"We would love to be able to expand further on the sale and managerial position at the club, but we're very sorry we're unable to make any further comment at the present time."
22 August 2009 - Derek Llambias:
"'We're in negotiations with Barry. [The deal is] there or thereabouts."
22 August 2009 - A Newcastle spokesman:
"There will be an update on the situation on Monday."

Monday 24 August 2009 - Club statement:
"Newcastle United Football Club confirms that it has extended its deadline to Barry Moat to table an offer for the Club.The extension has been granted in order to allow Barry Moat and his advisors to conclude funding arrangements with Barclays, current bankers, for the continuation of last season's £39m facility.This would allow a formal offer to be tabled."

10 September 2009 - Derek Llambias:
"[The suggestion an official bid has been lodged is] not true."
10 September 2009 - Jonathon Brill:
"Discussions are ongoing"
19 September 2009 - NUFC Statement:
“The £100M asking price has been matched, however, we are still in negotiations and all parties involved are at sale and purchase stage.”

After 19 weeks and counting of propaganda (to be polite), lies (to be honest) and public relations (if you work for the club) it seems clear to me that Mike Ashley is not going to sell the club.
Like his closing down sale at Sports Direct in Eldon square, this is a perpetual farce created not only to excuse the shoddy product being hawked but also to suggest to the 40,000 plus fans that continue to fill Ashley's pockets that doing so is only a temporary measure.