Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Truth Is Out There

7 months ago I highlighted the lies perpetuated by Ashley et al around who had ultimate transfer responsibility at Newcastle and posted the facts that vindicated Keegan, so it's good to see that the sporting media have finally caught up with the rest of us thanks to being handed the facts via Kevin Keegan's legal action against the club owner.

Little of the information provided in the Premier League Manager's Arbitration Tribunal report came as news to anyone that is more than a casual supporter of the club so it's been a little strange to see the result being reported as some sort of great revelation that finally gets to the truth of the matter. Keegan’s impeccable standing at this club was never in doubt amongst supporters that knew the truth all along, no matter what certain members of the gutter press continue to twist his victory to mean (I don’t recall vitriolic opinion pieces like this when Sam Allardyce walked away from Newcastle with three times as much as KK for just 16 days more work).

So, what does the report tell us that we didn’t already know?

First that Ignacio Gonzales was a 'commercial deal' the club forced on their manager, apparently to ensure the cream of young South American talent would be coming to Newcastle in the future. It could be argued that such a deal would benefit the club and should be embraced...even if it is going to cost £1m. But which South American talent has the deal secured so far? Despite sharing a name with Pele, Brazilian youth Dionatan Nascimento failed to impress during his short trial, leaving the total at zero. I get the impression that these two agents could have offered Wise some magic beans as part of the deal and doubled their money.

Second, the letter sent to Keegan following his initial resignation was revealed to have stated
"It will continue to be the position that no player will be bought for the first team without your approval, save of course for commercial deals (which we refer to as financials) which will remain within the sole discretion of the Board".
How exactly is that supposed to constitute an ‘olive branch’ in any way? They've been shown to have given no ground whatsoever.

Finally, I recall what Llambias said during his Chronicle interviews
"we can't answer any questions on Kevin Keegan until we have made a settlement. At the moment we want to clear up some of our outstanding issues, because Mike would want to tell people everything including the KK case, he would want to say what was happening and that would shoot us in the foot. He knows that and he's the sort of guy who would sit and take a polygraph (lie-detector) test. And he means it".
It’s this recollection that made me laugh all the more once the ruling was published on the official website that the clubs accompanying statement was "The club will be making no comment on this matter"? It’s amazing, though not surprising, that as Llambias was making noises about honesty and communication, lessons learned and future openness he was fully aware they had lied in the past, they were lying as they denied it and they’d do a hell of a lot more lying in future.

Get out of our club.
Get out of our club.
You fat cockney bastard.
Get out of our club.